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A dozen reasons to skate that are not about skating

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I’ve said a lot here about skating for its own sake, but here are some other reasons:

  1. Grooving to the background pop music playing at the public session. Having a chance to hear “Wrecking Ball” yet again. My favorite song for a difficult moment: Sia’s “Titanium.”
  2. Browsing through online collections of tango dresses and fantasizing that someday, maybe someday, I’ll actually have an excuse to wear one. Hasn’t happened yet, but my favorite sites are Tangoleva, poema, and Soft Chocolates.
  3. Studying flamenco with Susana di Palma at Zorongo Flamenco. She is amazing. Hope to do it again when everything is healed up.
  4. Being late to a meeting because, well, I was out skating. Being able to run up two flights of stairs when I’m late.
  5. Having something to do (balancing on one foot) while I’m waiting for the bus.
  6. Being asked by little kids at the rink if I was in the last Olympics.
  7. Opting for sleep rather than answering that last set of emails.
  8. Having my kids ask me, “Mom, how was skating today?”
  9. Eating those few extra squares of dark chocolate without any guilt. Not a whit.
  10. Wearing a unitard that I got in (I kid you not) college. Or maybe graduate school, it’s been so long I can’t remember.
  11. Realizing that all the little bits of information I’ve gathered have another application. “I’ve always liked that song. Wouldn’t it make a great program?” “Don’t drop your free side or you’re toast! Remember Mad-eye Moody?Constant vigilance!”
  12. Having an excuse to have a blog.

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Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

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