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Guest entry: Adult Figure Skating is FUN! Right? Right!

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I found this thoughtful commentary on another adult skating blog called Journey to Figure Skating. Be sure to watch the very funny video! I confess to having kicked the ice in fury more than once myself. Where would we all be without our sense of humor?

Dream to Skate

“I live, breathe, eat figure skating…. I drink figure skating”  

Chasity Brinn, Adult Figure Skater

A skating friend of mine sent this hilarious adult figure skating video to me and it made me realize how much fun we have as adult figure skaters… and also how serious it can be if we take everything to heart in this sport.

I think far too often as an adult figure skater we take things so seriously, probably because our free time is precious and well, trying to contort your body into strange positions on very thin blades while skating on ice can be somewhat stressful and frustrating. All too often we get discouraged because our rate of progress, unlike the kids, is usually very long and trying. Any move or jump, or dance that we accomplish learning is the result of many hours on the ice and most of the time we aren’t…

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