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Mom’s sweater #12: the 70s finale

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When I was a teenager, my mom took up knitting. Not just scarves and hats and tube socks, but sweaters with fancy stitches and cables and popcorns. She made each of my sisters an elaborately-patterned, cowl-neck fisherman’s sweater in a tasteful shade of cream. Then she made one for her youngest child, the one who ran around the bedroom lip-synching “Born to Be Wild.”

Here it is, many years later.


And here are some of the wonderful people at the rink who never have lost their wild side either. Thanks to Ari (wild coach extraordinaire) for taking these pictures.

I thought this would make a good final sweater for my “Mom’s sweater project.” I expect that I’ll have a few more skating pictures to post (leopard print top, anyone?) and I hope to keep up with this skating blog. But for now, as my mom would have said, a big thank you for sharing these good skating times with me.

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One thought on “Mom’s sweater #12: the 70s finale

  1. Thank you for sharing these sweaters with us! What a fantastic way to honor your mom.


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