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Reblog from Princess Beany Skates: “Thank you Tessa and Scott”


Well, working on those inside edges today was challenging, and I had to keep reminding myself about taking baby steps (and the occasional “learning to walk” tumble). I did one too many patterns of the man’s European sequence (still working on cross stroke, three turn, bend down on inside edge and place the new edge–don’t just fall to the new edge!!!) and found myself thinking “If I have to do this again, I’ll quit skating.” Grrrr….

To reward myself for not kicking the ice today, I read some of the archived entries from “Princess Beany Skates,” a very useful blog for keeping me up-to-date on who to watch for in skating competitions these days (and making me smile). Here’s a 2014 post-Olympic posting about Scott and Tessa that I especially liked.

Princess Beany Skates

Today was an emotional day. I don’t think a FD has ever made me cry before.

I’ve said my thoughts on Meryl & Charlie in the past. They are amazing technicians but I’ve never got them. I’m not going to repeat what I’ve said in the past, today is about Tessa & Scott.

This morning Tessa & Scott took to the ice and I realized for the first time that this was likely the last time I’d be seeing these two compete. I started to cry and it continued throughout their flawless skate. By the end I was sobbing. I had no words. I had just experienced something extremely emotional, witnessed something so personal, seen something absolutely magical.

Yesterday in the SD I was nervous – but then they nailed it. Tessa rocked the twizzles! And then their celebration at the end, how happy they were. The results shouldn’t matter…

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2 thoughts on “Reblog from Princess Beany Skates: “Thank you Tessa and Scott”

  1. I honestly didn’t think much of ice dancing until recent years. It’s amazing how much beauty skaters can portray while executing intricate footwork (and those twizzles!). Tessa and Scott are wonderful artists, and I hope we get to see more of them in the future. One can hope, right?


  2. Fingers crossed, Eva! From the age 54 point of view, 25 and 27 seems pretty young to stop performing for all of us.


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