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Ice is nice


Brrr, temperature is dropping. How low can it go?


We have had a really warm winter up until recently so I think I must be getting soft. Today as I was bundling up to get in my car and drive to the rink, I asked myself, “Why are you going where there is just more ice?”

But the rink felt warm in comparison to the outdoors. There was a young policeman at the rink today (don’t worry, he didn’t come for me!) and he said I was lucky to have an activity where I didn’t have to be outside.

And winter can be really beautiful around here. The air is absolutely devoid of moisture and your breath freezes in your nostrils. The way houses breathe can be seen in the patterns of ice that form in the windows. It’s impossible to capture how beautiful these fractal patterns are, but I tried.


IMG_4384.JPGAnyway, being on the ice (as well as being surrounded by ice) was great too. I’m starting get the hang of these blades. And after thinking about keeping my hips as level and sit bones as close together as possible, my left side balance is way better. Foot and knee pain seem under control, too.

We’re promised a brief thaw before the temperatures drop again, but my spirits are not going up and down with the weather. I’ll keep myself at a constant 24-26 degrees (according to this article, the best for figure skating!)

Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Ice is nice

  1. Our rink seems to be frigid no matter the temperature outside. My coach read the rink temperature and it was a blustery 27 degrees in there! I usually go to the rink to warm up and sweat – not bundle up! Hope things warm up for you soon!


  2. Oooh, I can’t remember the last time I got really sweaty at our rink–I’m sure I’m not working hard enough on those swing rolls. Or maybe as I go faster the wind cools me off! I usually start with several layers but keep the last few on. Brrr….


  3. Nice article–Thanks for sharing. Was this in a recent issue of Skating? If so, I missed it! My rink must follow the recommendations–we have great ice most of the time. I generally look at the rink’s temperature and humidity gauges (on a convenient building post, right by the entrance to the ice, before stepping out and they tend to be within the numbers suggested by the article.


  4. Thanks, George. I think this must be an older article (I don’t remember reading it recently). I really like the 8th grade science fair project (thinking about dropping toepicks down into different samples of ice and measuring how far they go in sounds like a fun way to teach science. It’s great that you have good ice; ours does vary, depending on which rink and how often they resurface, but we are usually lucky too. I think they try to balance with what the hockey folks want. Here’s another article from the 2010 Olympics that I found interesting too:


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