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Polar plunge vs. ice rink


So I was intrigued by the title of something I saw today in the N.Y. Times: “The Benefits of Getting an Icy Start to the Day.” Sadly enough, this was not about skating at all, but about the benefits of starting your day with a really cold shower. There are any number of theories out there about the benefits of icing yourself to help with weight loss, depression, and other woes. The point of this particular article seems to be that you should do difficult things first thing in the morning, so as to set yourself up to face challenges later in the day.

I am not sure I am really to take the polar plunge yet; I worry that I will reward myself for any new-found benefits with even more whipped cream on my morning waffle.

So I will limit myself to sharing pictures of a “Polar Plunge” benefit held recently at a nearby lake.

I stopped by to check it out, but alas, didn’t catch anyone who was actually plunging into the icy depths. Instead, I was just handed a loaf of bread and some packaged chocolate chip muffins by someone promoting baked goods. I guess even visiting the site might make one crave carbohydrates.

Besides, don’t you think they should do a study on whether early morning skaters with regular sessions on icy-cold rinks get certain health benefits (besides their virtuous practice sessions and being able to gloat over the rest of us who wander into the rink closer to noon?)

Not sure that I’d volunteer, though.

Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Polar plunge vs. ice rink

  1. I think I’ll leave first thing in the morning “difficult” activities to someone else. They can have my heart attack for me, thank you very much. If faced with the prospect of a cold shower at dawn, I’d be so depressed that I’d probably not get out of bed. 5:30am is bad enough as it is! The Grey lady indeed–don’t believe everything you read…


  2. I’m with you, George. I’d rather be warm in my nice cozy bed….


  3. Hmm. I’m an ice skater who doesn’t like to get cold, and I bring the layers of fleece (gradually removed as I warm up) to avoid it. Not like some people I could name who take pride in swimming in San Francisco Bay without a wetsuit. Just no. Even plunging into a swimming pool in general is not my thing, though I’ll do if necessary (if that’s the only kind of exercise I’m allowed). I have enough trouble turning down the shower temperature to rinse the conditioner off my hair (works better if you wash it off cool y’know). But doing hard things first thing? Worth considering.


  4. I’m with you on the layers at the rink–I still bring my down jacket to wear while I’m warming up! Okay, I’m a wimp! I think the only way I’d do the early morning freeze is if I am so sleepy I don’t even think about it. But then, what a way to wake up!


  5. I’ve done those 6am sessions at my icy rink before. And it is hard on the body and mind since you’re already half asleep and the frigid temperatures really shock your muscles. I do end up sweating during the practice but my feet are still frozen! Those people that do the icy plunge are crazy. But then again, they probably think we’re crazy too. 🙂


  6. We are crazy, Eva! But it’s a good kind of crazy–or maybe it’s just good to be crazy together.


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