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I will be going to London for several weeks later this year, and I was looking for some information on potential places to skate. (I am still up in the air as to whether to bring my skates or not. If anyone knows of good practice/ice dance time in the London area, I’d welcome tips!) While checking out skating sessions on the Facebook page for the London rink Queens Ice and Bowl, I came across two videos of skating interest.

The first one is a helicopter shoot by Vancouverite Bradley Friessan of figure skater Elizabeth Putnam skating on frozen Widgeon Lake near Coquitlam (Vancouver, British Columbia). It has gorgeous scenery, a beautiful background song by Delaney Kai, and some great shots of both Putnam’s skating and the tracings she makes.

The second is a news story from Providence, RI, about Thom O’Shaughnessy, a retired teacher who enjoys skating. I particularly like his description of what skating feels like to him:

You know, it’s kinda like this. You know how people, they go to sleep and they dream? I dream when I’m awake.

Skaters, dream on! Enjoy!






Author: Joskates

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6 thoughts on “Two fun videos

  1. London must be the place to be this year – my husband and I will be visiting our younger daughter and her family in London during the last half of May. And no; I am not bringing my skates – with my luck with security, they’d end up being lifted by TSA.


  2. Wow – I love Thom’s description. That’s so true! Unfortunately, I have no info on places to skate in London.


  3. Ah, I saw that lake video. lovely. Did you ever see the video of Brian Boitano skating on a lake in Alaska? Love that one too. I have to agree with that guy that skating is like flying in a dream.


  4. Thanks, Mary! I hadn’t seen the Brian Boitano video, but just looked it up at:


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