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More hip exercises


I did a check-in with PT Sarah today. I have been taking a group Pilates class from her every week, but haven’t been assessed in a while (bruises, Nationals, and more bruises got in the way).

My hips are looking pretty much aligned (hooray!). However, I still have some muscle imbalances. Sarah suggested that these may be due both to older patterns of movement when I was constantly compensating for the hip misalignment, and some adjustment issues since I am now getting used to what is a newly balanced chassis.

At any rate, I have a new set of exercises, some of which target my right side as well as my left. I really need to stretch the “hip capsule” on my left side as well as work on hip alignment and glute strength on both sides.

I also need to work to fire up certain right gluteal muscles in tandem with abdominal and adductor muscles on the left. Here’s the only video I could find of one key exercise that I did today. The video is of a very detailed teaching demonstration; the level of detail does show how hard it is to do these exercises correctly, and how many different muscle groups are involved.

I also did a “skater” exercise on the reformer with the left leg on the stationery part. (I don’t think I could get away with these tight white shorts, though.)

Boy, I can tell that I’m going to feel this tomorrow. Can’t wait to see if the skating improves!


Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

8 thoughts on “More hip exercises

  1. HOORAY on aligned hips! I totally snickered when you said that the tight white shorts weren’t your thing. 🙂 Hope these new exercises help you become a stronger skater, Jo!


  2. Thanks, Eva. I have to say that that young man wears his white shorts well. Here’s to better skating and the possibility of wearing white shorts!


  3. Those exercises look hard, Jo! And it’s true how hard it is to really learn them correctly. As I mentioned I’m on my third round of hip strengthening, didn’t get the results I wanted with the first two rounds in previous years. Doing better this time but still a long way to go. Didn’t you say you’d been at this two years? I’m glad you have the strength now, now it’s just (*just* cough cough) getting that strength to work at the proper moment on the ice.


  4. Two years is right, Mary, but I feel like I was barking up the wrong tree for part of that time. I’ve been working with Sarah for about a year now, and that has made a huge difference. There’s getting the strength, and now it’s learning to use the strength on the ice, as you say. It’s hard, but comforting to know there are others in the same boat. Hope to hear of your progress soon.


  5. Thanks. Actually I’m now realizing that I’m still not at all symmetrical– the right hip doesn’t even look as developed and is definitely weaker, but I am still working on it and making progress.


  6. We ought to have our own club for skaters with one under-developed hip! We could develop some funny group numbers!


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