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It’s a hard knock ice


Well, I didn’t skate much this past week because of jury duty, but I made up for it with a marathon session today from 9:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at our club’s ice dance weekend. There were breaks in there for resurfacing and lunch, with an extra break for me after I took a fall and hit my head on the ice (doing a Swing Dance, no less!) I did a stint with an ice pack and have been monitoring myself for any signs of concussion. That is a challenge, because my feelings of cognitive impairment (wah?) and sleepiness (yawn!) right now could well be signs of TMS (Too Much Skating). Hopefully, a bump on the head is the only real consequence, and no pity is needed here (though if folks want to volunteer to bring over dinner for me every night this week, I’m sure I’ll feel really really ever so much better!)

Aside from the occasional whack upside the head, this event was really fun. I saw a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a while, not just from out of town but also from my own club. It was also a kind of wake-up call, skating-wise. I have not been going to social dance sessions, so I was really rusty on some of the compulsory steps. I also am not used to doing multiple patterns of anything!

But more than anything else, I have not been thinking about ice dancing. What, you mean I have to do these skating moves to music? And skate with a partner? Luckily, the sessions were quite crowded, so I didn’t push myself (or anyone else) to the point of lethal exhaustion.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed just hanging out watching people skate around having a good time. And the music (even the corny stuff) is infectious. At one point, my friend Harriet and I just stood at the boards singing “Bicycle Built for Two.” Here’s the lyrics in case you want to practice.

Here’s a some pictures from today.

Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

7 thoughts on “It’s a hard knock ice

  1. Wow – a marathon session indeed! I hope that the bump on your head isn’t anything serious. Please rest up and take it easy!


  2. All better, Eva. Thanks! Hope you have a great skating week and keep those recipes coming!


  3. Ouch! I’ve been in the head smack-down dept. more times than I care to think about. Don’t ignore anything that doesn’t go away in a day or so. I couldn’t even spell crainotomy until after I had one last summer…


  4. Thanks, George. Your story is really memorable, so I will definitely take your hard-earned wisdom to heart. I felt way better after a good night’s sleep and today got back on the ice feeling pretty okay. Part of the risk we take, but unfortunate nonetheless. Glad you’re back to it!


  5. Wow! What is it with us and the ice dance weekends? I woke up with horrible back pain that turned out to be a disc extrusion the night after an ice dance weekend five weeks ago. Haven’t been on the ice since. It wasn’t actually the skating, though, it was a PT exercise that I did before I went to bed that did it. I’m glad your injury was only temporary but be careful with that head of yours!


  6. Oh, ow! I think dance weekends, while fun, are not the best for trying to get those bodies into some semblance of alignment. My head is all better, thanks! I’m alarmed to hear about your back. Is it better? Are you on track to skate again?


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