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Gazpacho with lots of tomatoes


So my sons are both out of elementary school, but I maintained my loyalty to their former school’s spring plant sale anyway (a decade’s worth of habits die hard). One of the things I bought was a six-pack of different tomato plants.

Now I know that six tomato plants is too many, even for a family that likes tomatoes. My older son used to just eat cherry tomatoes like candy. As a toddler, I would take him to the local co-op, put him in the grocery cart seat and give him a carton of organic cherry tomatoes to munch on while we shopped. Still, in past years I’ve limited myself to just two plants of heritage tomatoes from the farmer’s market. Plenty.

But this year the combination of winter and the tempting array of tomatoes in the pictures (Big Boy! Super Sweet! Those cool yellow ones!) on the order form was too much for me. And now I am seeing the consequences of my lack of restraint. So many tomatoes, all ripe at once. I filled up a big colander just a few days ago and will need to go out again very soon.

So what does this have to do with skating? Biting off more than I can chew? Too many things to work on? Actually not much, but I wanted to share my gazpacho recipe. It’s adapted from an old copy of The Colorado Cache Cookbook that I got many years ago.

Gazpacho with lots of tomatoes

2-3 big tomatoes
1 cucumber
1/2 c. or more green onion
1 green or red or yellow or orange pepper
2 avocados (I didn’t have these, but it was just fine without them)
1 cup celery (I’m not a fan of celery, so just left this one out too. Just fine.)
Lots of other tomatoes (the recipe calls for 4 cups of tomato juice, but I just threw all these tomatoes into the food processor instead. Slightly chunkier consistency, but really tasty.)
4 Tablespoons olive oil
5 Tablespoons red wine vinegar
2 teaspoons salt
a dash or two of black pepper
Chop up the first six ingredients into pretty small pieces (especially the green pepper), then add the others and chill.

Yes, it’s that easy, aside from the chopping. And it’s great for a hot summer day, as if skating weren’t chill enough.IMG_5713


Author: Joskates

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7 thoughts on “Gazpacho with lots of tomatoes

  1. Great use of tomatoes, Jo! I have a bunch that I need to use up, so this looks like the perfect dish to feature those lovely tomatoes. Skate on!


  2. I love gazpacho. I’m glad for you that you have hot summers where ‘too many tomatoes’ can be a problem. Here in the Northwest I think I could get away with six tomato plants. Are you in Michigan? The Boss, going up north, it’s all sounding familiar! (You can reply privately if you like.)


  3. Hi Mary, I live in Minnesota (but grew up in New Jersey, hence a long-time Springsteen fan!) We have hot but fairly short summers–things grow quickly, though, because of the long daytime hours. Just got back from northern Minnesota where it feels like it’s light out until ten at night! Wow!


  4. What? No Tabasco?! I also grew up in New Jersey (south Jersey) and while I like a nice tangy gazpacho, I find it hard to get pasted an open face tomato sandwich: fresh bread slathered with a thick layer of mayo and topped with a slice of tomato from a fully ripe tomato big enough that a single slice covers the entire slice of bread. Add black pepper to suit and eat hanging over the kitchen sink. Summer tomatoes, along with fresh corn, melons and berries make the heat of summer bearable!


  5. That sounds delicious, George. And your list of eats sounds exactly like mine; we are having corn, tomato-basil soup, and blueberry crisp tonight. Just missing the melon!


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