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Fall fashions


Looking to maximize the “wow” factor when you step on the ice? Wondering what to wear in order to get that special edge? Shivering in anticipation of the latest skating looks for the new season? Or just shivering?

Look no further. They’re bold, they’re beautiful–and they have blades.


Trés elegante, n’est pas? So beautiful, it makes you want to speak French. Or skate to Chopin. Or both.


Just check out this pumpkin-colored skirt with the green stem gloves. This fresh, flirty, and fun look is as welcome as new ice after the Zamboni–and just as slick!


Slacks + top + rolling bag = skater! A complete package for the skater on the go. These subtle shades of blue and gray can move from the ice back to the office without revealing to the boss just how many hours you spend at the rink.  And the charmingly asymmetrical pocket and button can help you identify right from left: perfect for those awkward lesson moments when you forget which is which.


Everyone will go gaga over this sporty ensemble. The jeans and kneepads say, “I’m ready to work,” while the soft jacket (with just the right amount of slouch) and the carefree scarf say, “I’m ready to play!”


Skating on those crowded public sessions is easier when you’ve got the look that screams, “Get out of my way!” No one will dare tell you to smile or have a nice day at the rink! The stripes reveal an unexpectedly softer side here; the rest says, “Yeah, I’m streetwise and skate wise!”

Ice dancer alert! Just add music; imagine those long-bearded, guitar-slinging guys singing. You know, those guys!

For Kari: “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.”

For Marc: “They come running just as fast as they can/’Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.”

I am so lucky to have friends who are willing to indulge my desire to be the Bill Cunningham of the ice rink. Thanks to my gorgeous skating models: Lisa, Sonia, Jan, Marianne, Kari, and Marc!



Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

2 thoughts on “Fall fashions

  1. So fun! And stylish! We are boring at our rink – typical skating pants, exercise tips and zipper jackets. 🙂


  2. Far from boring, Eva! I keep thinking I should get some of those really cute skating pants and maybe a jacket in a new color, just so I don’t look like I’ve given up on skating fashion altogether. Luckily those around me are much more skate-chic!


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