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We happy few


The weather has been so very beautiful these past few days. I went for a bike ride over the weekend around the chain of lakes here in Minneapolis. Fellow adult skating blogger George posted some great photographs of his autumn walk, which inspired me to create my own little photo journey around Lake of the Isles, the Rose Garden, and Lake Harriet.

Are you all relieved that I’m out enjoying the sunshine? Guess again!

Once the weekend was over, it was back to the rink–with the few brave souls who defy Nature’s beckoning and instead spend their lunchtimes glorying in the artificial light and refrigeration. Ah, the lure of fresh ice!


Jo, Chris, Sonia

Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

8 thoughts on “We happy few

  1. Beautiful photos – happy fall! I didn’t know Chris was at your rink! I’ve met him a few times at ANs. 🙂


  2. gorgeous photos!! See you in November!!


  3. Thanks, Beth! Salivating about that turkey already!


  4. Great tree pix! Will you skate on those ponds when they freeze this winter?


  5. They set up rinks on the lakes, and I have gone out occasionally. But I am a bit of an ice diva now, and only go when it’s fairly warm (above twenty, preferably) and the ice is not too bad. This makes it fairly rare to see me on skates in the open air!


    • Speaking of rinks, a quick look at a google map suggests that there are a number of indoor rinks relatively close to those lakes. Perhaps you could give us a blog “tour” of the better ones.


  6. That’s a good idea! I don’t make it over to some of them that often, so this might take me a while. Winter project!


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