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Splat! Kaboom!


I need to start with a friendly picture.


Pat, Jo, Sonia, Kristen, and JoAnne

That’s so the most notable thing about this post isn’t the set of spectacular falls that I have had in the past few days.

One was yesterday, when I caught my pick on the ice and did a nice body slam onto the ice. The entire rink reverberated, then went totally silent. And then I heard a voice say, “Are you okay?”

Actually, due to my entire body’s contacting the ice at once, the impact was spread out pretty evenly. Aside from a bruise on my knee, only my pride was hurt. And these days I have little pride left, so it’s okay.

Today I was putting away groceries in my kitchen and I stepped on the shopping bag, slipped on a loose jar of hoisin sauce, and went flying. Kaboom! Okay, it was the elbows this time.

I think an excess of gardening might be making me klutzy. I got a little carried away relocating a number of hosta plants around the yard, and letting my inner weed-control-freak make its yearly appearance. So now whatever isn’t bruised is officially sore.

And it’s only Tuesday!

But on the bright side, I found some great music to pull weeds by. How could you not like three clarinetists all named Ottensamer?

And even with all that, I had a great lesson today!

  • back crossovers: send force back into (outside) ribs/back rather than (outside) hip, upper body slightly into circle
  • underpush exercise: from standing, push under using just the outside edge (back) skate.
  • Viennese mohawk set up: left outside, right outside, left outside into mohawk. Use change of edge to direct edges, not upper body. Lean of upper body should follow feet
  • back outside to outside push: don’t use too much upper body and hip motion–just flip skating heel out to push.

Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

8 thoughts on “Splat! Kaboom!

  1. Klutz? Ha, you have nothing on me: D3O knee pads, elbow pads, hip pads, tail bone pads, flex-meter wrist guards, Ice Halo HD–and that’s just to get me from the bench in the lobby to the rink door! Now if I can somehow incorporate bubble wrap for my chin and nose, life will be complete.


  2. I feel your pain, Jo! I had a spectacular fall yesterday where I slipped during a salxhow takeoff and landed forward on my knee! One nice bruise later, here I am. Looks like we are leading parallel skating lives this week. I’ve been doing lots of underpush exercises too! Here’s to fewer injuries and strong underpushes!


  3. Oh, ouch, Eva! It must be a conspiracy to test our resilience (not to mention the strength of our outside edge underpushes!)


  4. At least one of the falls was off the ice, so you can’t blame skating for all of your falling risk. As you’d already discovered, the kitchen can be a dangerous place! I fell pretty hard today, too, not as hard as your body slam but I got both my wrists flexed to save me just like you are not supposed to do. No harm done, but maybe on to Amazon for a new set of wrist guards.


  5. Mary! Flexmeter wrist guards! Better than oven mitts!


  6. Wow, those look pretty powerful too! Good for intimidating the younger set on public skating!


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