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Delusions dissolve


So now my free legs are fully extended and my quads are fully engaged!  I am getting a solid push that sends me flying onto a new edge, which feels pretty awesome. It feels awesome, that is, until I release the extension to bring the free foot in. Then waaahh, all hell breaks lose.

Laurie pointed out that I was allowing the now-fully-extended free leg to come in with such force that it knocked me off my edge. She told me that I should think of the free leg “dissolving” into the skating leg. Wow, that made an incredible difference. I now feel like both legs are working together, and it’s way easier to maintain a good lean and keep the weight on the right part of my skating blade.

The new timing on my swing rolls and three turns is way different, and I don’t feel like parts of my body are getting whipped around at lightning speed. As a result, I don’t really feel like I’m actually doing all that much other than just making sure I am engaging those happy ankles.  I no longer have to work so hard to keep everything together.

But in an odd way, I sorta miss that wild free leg. I realized that swinging my free leg around gave me the illusion of power and force. Now my leg comes in so quietly that I can’t even tell how fast I’m going. And even though things have improved, I don’t have to work as hard. It feels strange!

One of the adjustments I’m just going to have to make is to persuade myself that I can accomplish way more with real technique than sheer force of will. I am so done with throwing my weight around!

The brute force method only takes you so far, but it’s a hard habit to break for someone like me.  I will just have to learn to swing something else other than my free side.Mace

I can’t believe that I have never included this trippy video for Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” on this blog. But it’s good timing for it, since it’s been a really rainy week and we can all use a little sunshine.

Lesson notes:

  • inside mohawk 3 step pattern: hips into the circle, use your lean.
  • back cross, change edge: think about direction you are heading, force into the ice for that change of edge.
  • inside mohawk, back outside 3: work on getting both pushes solid.
  • creepers (forward outside): don’t touch down
  • cross front, tuck behind, change edge, outside three: don’t get caught with weight outside circle
  • progressives: “dissolving” free leg
  • forward inside swing rolls: think about the turnout of the free foot on the end, and on the new edge
  • back inside swing rolls: adjust lower body, not upper body
  • feet together, shift weight, don’t compensate through upper body

Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Delusions dissolve

  1. I like the phrase to “dissolve” your free leg. It’s so… flowy. I have a Wild and bent free leg so maybe learning to dissolve it will be good for me too! I love all your helpful hints and tips, Jo!


  2. Thanks, Eva! Hopefully the dissolving free legs will make it so we can express our “wildness” in much more productive ways!


  3. I also was struck by the description of the free leg as ‘dissolving.’ I’ll have to try it out and see what magic it works for me!


  4. I hope it’s helpful, Mary!!! be sure to report back on the big “dissolve!”


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