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Little resolutions for 2018


Well, 2018 is fast upon us! I went to a public session today, and like every session I’ve been to this week, it was quite crowded.

Part of the draw is that it has been really, really cold here–much too cold to take advantage of the many outdoor rinks. So skating on these holiday-week sessions is a bit like “Survivor.”

Along with the other figure skaters, I’ve been staking out my little piece of the rink in the center. And we try to avoid one another–not because we don’t like one another, but because that’s the way skating works–while the other recreational skaters carve ruts into the rest of the rink. And the ruts get deeper and deeper, and closer and closer–sort of the skating equivalent of Jaws. You get the picture!

But at least I got to skate. And what’s more, it was free! I think a combination of New Year’s Eve and the cold weather made the rec center into a skating party, complete with free hot chocolate at the skate rental booth (I passed on both). They even had a DJ.

Unfortunately for him, one of the first things that happened was that party-pooper me went over to complain that the music was too loud. He turned it down, but it was still loud enough that I had to stick my headphones in my ears just to block some of the sound. Ah, much better. I like the music–just a little quieter.

This got me thinking that the reason I’ve had such a hard time thinking about resolutions for the new year is that I can’t think of any big changes that I want to make to my life. Oh, I can think of a number of big changes that I would make to the world if I could (huge ones). But for the immediate and do-able present, just little changes to my daily routine.

  • Get to bed a little earlier. Sleep a little longer.
  • Start practicing a new piece of music–or maybe just the last movement of the pieces I’ve been working on.
  • Lose five pounds.
  • Stretch for a few minutes every night before bed.
  • A little less sugar. A few more veggies.
  • A little less time spent worrying about the daily news.
  • Leave for the rink five minutes earlier so I can have a little extra warm-up time.
  • Edges a little deeper, alignment more consistent, a little more core action.
  • Spend five minutes of each session actually skating to music.

That’s actually quite a list, but the comforting thing is that it’s all about stuff that I’m already on track to do. It doesn’t take an entire change to my world-view to make it happen. It’s just a little more and a little less of what 2017 was all about.


Jo and Jeff survived the New Year’s Eve session!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Little resolutions for 2018

  1. Your “little resolutions” are perfect. Happy new year!


  2. Great resolutions, and hooray for free public! We are constantly complaining about the volume of the music at our rink. If the coaches (who teach during public) can’t hear what their students are saying, then the music is too loud. Unfortunately, that is becoming more commonplace these days…


    • Yes, I think the prevalence of headphones makes it so that people don’t even recognize when it’s too loud. The DJ at the rink was wearing them. And the speaker vibrations were pretty irritating too!


  3. There was a free public with complimentary hot coco at a rink near where I live, but at 8am on the first of Jan I was two states away! I did make it home in time to (a). skate the last hour or so of the afternoon public at my home rink, and (b). listen to the annual New year’s day concert from Vienna, broadcast by my local pbs station. The ice was heaving with people, most of whom could barely stay sunny side up. Nothing of any consequence was practiced, but ice time is ice time and as a bonus I didn’t run over any little kiddie’s fingers while they were flopping like flounders right and left. After the session a random woman came over to say “thank you for skating”. I think she was operating under the mistaken impression that I was an ice monitor since every time she saw me I was helping someone back to their feet!


  4. I love the image of kids “flopping like flounders,” George! I think the random woman was probably an inspired fan of adult skaters who are brave enough to do public sessions during holidays. Here’s to a wonderful 2018 for you!


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