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Curling lesson


Some friends of ours went to a fundraiser and came out with a two-hour curling lesson. They invited me, my husband, and son to join them. So today after we shoveled ourselves out of the snow, we drove to the Chaska Curling Center, which is the national training center for USA Curling. It’s a super modern facility (opened in 2015).

Despite the fact that there are a number of curling arenas in the Twin Cities area, none of us had ever tried curling before. We had two really patient instructors who took us through the basics and then split into our two teams: the Mixed Nuts and the Curling Irons (my friend Emma is very creative). Then the games began!

It was super fun. I never quite got into the most efficient lunge position, and wound up sitting down on the ice quite a few times after releasing the stone. But I managed to get the rock down the ice nonetheless, and even helped score a few times. And boy, sweeping the ice is way more enjoyable than sweeping my kitchen floor.

Though curling doesn’t seem all that strenuous, it definitely made us tired and hungry. Several hours later, we all enjoyed a very late lunch at the restaurant which conveniently overlooks the curling arena. Luckily, my husband was there to drive home while the rest of us zonked out in the car.

While I’m not sure I would hang up my skates in favor of the curling broom, I definitely would do it again. Ice sports rule!


Author: Joskates

Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Curling lesson

  1. What fun! How about a figure skating curling party? I am off the ice for two weeks as I have ten stitches in my knee. Hope to be back next week.


  2. Oh, ouch, Jan! I’m hoping you have a smooth recovery. Stitches don’t sound like fun, and you’re going to need those knees for curling!


  3. This is awesome, Jo! Would one ever be able to curl while ice skating?? Could you even wear skates on that surface? I’m imagining a skating lounge while pushing that stone… 😉


    • The curling ice surface is “pebbled”–they sprinkle it with water (probably to make it safer to walk on) but then level off the top of the little bumps so the stone can slide easily. But I think you’ve just come up with a new reception (the lounge-curl!)


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