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Mom’s sweaters

My mother gave me a number of sweaters, and I decided to wear a different one to the rink each week this season. Click on the links below for entries or more pictures.

  1. Sweater #1: Blue
  2. Sweater #2: Beige
  3. Sweater #3: Yellow flowers, brown vines
  4. Sweater #4: Black
  5. Sweater #5: Beaded, cream
  6. Sweater #6: Crocheted, cream
  7. Sweater #7: Purple with silver buttons
  8. Sweater #8: Crocheted with dusty rose flowers
  9. Sweater #9: Open front black cardigan with floral trim
  10. Sweater #10: Black and gray, with eagles doing fierce inside edges
  11. Sweater #11: Black with geometric patterns
  12. Sweater #12: Color my world

And for a baker’s dozen: Mom’s leopard print top

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