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Bio: Don't see me on the ice? I may be in the classroom or at the theater, or hanging out with my family and friends.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jo –
    I’m enjoying your blog as a fellow ice dancer with almost identical issues (but with a different cause: congenital pelvic deformity). I’m similarly motivated to analyze all of my shortcomings on the ice and since I’m recuperating from my third hip surgery, looking for good off-ice exercises. Your descriptions of certain things are eerily familiar to me. I may have met you in Portland or in Hyannis. If not, I hope to do so some day. Happy skating! Terri


    • Dear Terri,
      I found your blogs some months ago linked to George’s blog “On Thin Ice,” and read through some of your past entries as well as the most recent posting. Boy, your courage, persistence, hard work, can-do attitude, and physical accomplishments are truly inspiring. I wonder if we met on the social dance session following Adult Nationals 2010 (Minneapolis)? I seem to remember chatting with you after my first AN that year (Silver), and your telling me and my partner Jim that if we stuck with it for another year, we’d see a huge difference. (By the way, we did stay together AN 2011 (Salt Lake City) through last year’s AN 2014 in Hyannis, and competed our last year together in Championship Gold–so you were right!!!) I do hope we’ll meet again in the not-so-distant future. Thanks for checking out my blog and here’s wishing you a peaceful, uncomplicated, and speedy recovery from the new surgery.


  2. Hey – am I right from my stalking you that you skate in the Twin Cities? Where do you skate and do you have any recommendations for a good coach (freestyle, moves, etc) for this 26 year old actor/dancer/singer who is returning to the ice after 13 years away?


    • Hi–yes, I skate in Minneapolis, at Parade Ice Garden and occasionally at some of the other local rinks (St. Louis Park, Richfield, Eden Prairie, and the University of Minnesota). We have quite a few coaches in the area who work with adult skaters, depending on where you want to skate. Hope to run into you (figuratively, of course) sometime!


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